Technical Queries
If you have any technical queries relating to your product. Please submit your query by clicking HERE. A member of the team will respond to your request by email.

Please see below for resolutions to some common issues:

Music coming out from only one speaker: (Turntable & Speaker Sets)

Check the connection cables: Ensure that the cables connecting the turntable and the speakers are securely plugged in and not damaged. Ensure the red and black wires from the turntable are not all the way into the speaker but out enough just to contact the speaker.

Music coming out from only one speaker:

Turntable not turning on:

Verify the power supply: Confirm that the turntable has a power source and is properly powered on.

No Sound:

Check volume levels: Verify that the volume is turned up on the turntable. Sometimes the volume may be set too low or accidentally muted.

Uneven channel balance:

If you notice a significant difference in volume or sound quality between the left and right channels, check the cartridge alignment and ensure that the stylus is properly seated in the cartridge. Adjust the balance control on your amplifier or receiver if available.

Cause: cables at the needle are not fitted tight enough or correctly. How to fix this? Take a small pair of pliers and carefully push both cables well.

Refer to the photos for instructions on how to do this.

Uneven channel balance:

Sound stops after 15-20 minutes in Bluetooth mode:

Make sure the volume of the external source such as your smartphone is set to maximum. The higher you set the volume on your phone, the stronger the Bluetooth signal to the turntable. If the volume is too low, the number of signals to the speakers and their strength is limited. As a result, the speakers may go into standby mode after 15 minutes because the Bluetooth receiver assumes that no more signals are being received.

Distorted or muddy sound:

Check the cartridge alignment and ensure that the stylus is clean and not worn out. Additionally, inspect the connections between the turntable and speakers for any loose or damaged cables.

Excessive static or popping sounds:

If you hear persistent static or popping sounds, try cleaning the record using an anti-static brush or a specialised cleaning solution. Additionally, ensure that the turntable and cartridge connections are secure and clean.

Vinyl skipping:

a. Check the needle/cartridge: Inspect the needle or cartridge on the turntable to ensure it is properly aligned and not worn out.

b. Clean your vinyl: Dust or debris on records can affect the sound quality. Use a record cleaning brush or a microfiber cloth to gently clean the records before playing.

Lenco provide cleaning kits for this TTA-3in1 and TTA 5in1.

Vinyl skipping:

c. Briefcase turntable: Ensure that the turntable is on a stable and level surface to prevent skipping or audio distortion.

d. Dust cover interference: If the briefcase-style turntable has a dust cover, ensure it is not interfering with the tonearm's movement or causing any tracking problems.

Excessive noise or vibration:

Vibrations can cause unwanted noise during playback. Place the turntable on a stable surface away from sources of vibration, such as speakers or subwoofers. Check if the turntable's feet are properly adjusted.

Bluetooth not connecting:

a. Ensure that the turntable is in pairing mode and the Bluetooth function is activated. Check the device you're trying to connect to and make sure Bluetooth is enabled.

b. Check the signal range: Ensure that the turntable and the Bluetooth device you're connecting to are within a reasonable distance from each other, as excessive distance can cause connection issues.

c. Reset Bluetooth settings: If the connection problem persists, try resetting the Bluetooth settings on both the turntable and the device you're connecting to and then attempt to pair again.

d. Try removing nearby interference: Keep the turntable away from other electronic devices or sources of electromagnetic interference (e.g., microwave ovens, cordless phones) as they can disrupt Bluetooth signals.

e. Our turntables might not work with certain speakers that have a Bluetooth LE (low energy) version including some models with Bluetooth 5.0.Brands such as Harmon Cardon/JBL and Bose have a few speakers in their selection that have this Bluetooth version, and in the rare case this can therefore cause that there is no connection possible.

f. Disable Wi-Fi interference: In some cases, Wi-Fi signals can interfere with Bluetooth connections. Try disabling Wi-Fi temporarily, to see if that helps with the Bluetooth connection.

g. Test with another device: If possible, try connecting the turntable to a different Bluetooth device to determine if the issue is specific to one device or if it's a broader compatibility problem.

Bluetooth volume too low:

When playing music on a Lenco System from an external source, such as a smartphone then it is important to set the volume not too low.

The higher you set the volume on your phone, the stronger the Bluetooth signal to the system. If the volume is too low, the number of signals to the speakers and their strength is limited.

As a result, there is a chance that the speakers will go into standby mode after 15 minutes because the Bluetooth receiver assumes that no more signals are being received.

Turntable not spinning:

Belt-drive turntables:

Inspect the belt: If your turntable has a belt drive, check if the belt is in good condition and properly attached. A loose or damaged belt can affect the turntable's performance.

Inconsistent speed:

If the turntable's speed fluctuates or is inconsistent, check the belt or drive mechanism for any issues. Adjust or replace the belt if necessary. Ensure that the turntable is set to the correct speed for the record being played.

Direct-drive turntables:

Check the platter:

Ensure the Platter is on the spindle of the turntable properly and ensure there are no obstructions to the platter.

Uneven platter rotation:

If the platter spins unevenly, it may affect playback quality. Ensure that the platter is properly aligned and seated on the spindle. Clean the spindle if necessary.

Vinyl playing too fast, or too slow:

Verify the speed settings:

Some turntables have adjustable speed settings (e.g., 33 1/3, 45, or 78 RPM). Make sure the correct speed is selected for the record you're playing. If you doubt whether turntable plays at the right speed, you can check with this app. A deviation between +/- 1% and +/- 2% is acceptable depending of the price level of the turntable.

rpm google play app apple rpm app


Cartridge replacement:

If you have exhausted all troubleshooting options and continue to experience poor sound quality or tracking issues, it may be necessary to replace the cartridge.

Consult the turntable's manual or contact the manufacturer for compatible cartridge options.

Tonearm resonance:

Tonearm resonance can result in unwanted vibrations or distortion during playback.

To minimise this, check the tonearm's tracking force and ensure it is set correctly for the cartridge being used. Experiment with different tracking forces to find the optimal setting.


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