Lenco launches 400 series turntables with USB, Bluetooth and four built-in speakers

Lenco 440 turntables

Not content with launching two affordable turntables in the UK last year, Lenco(which also celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2021) has just announced a new range of stylish and functional turntables with inbuilt speakers to suit any UK home setting. 

The 400 range comprises the 410 with a wooden finish, the 430 in black or brown imitation leather and the 440 with either an impressive blue or grey fabric finish (main image). And with prices starting at £220, they're worth a second look...  

The new range of turntables each include four built-in speakers (two 15W and two 10W) meaning setup can be as simple as 'plug in and play' with no additional speakers, wires or amplifier required – just bring your favourite vinyl. With Bluetooth 5.0 onboard, you can even stream music directly to the record player's speakers from your smartphone or tablet – and the included USB port means you can easily convert your vinyl collection into digital audio formats.

With adjustable speed options of 33 and 45 rpm, singles and LPs can both be played on the LS-400 series of belt-driven turntables. All of the decks are also equipped with high-quality Audio-Technica cartridges, to promote quality audio and ensure your LPs stay in good shape for longer.