The history of Lenco

The history of Lenco


For those who do not know us yet: Lenco is a brand of trendy consumer electronics. The name “Lenco” dates back from a small and humble company that was initiated in the inhospitable cold hills of Switzerland. Since the end of the ‘90’s we can proudly say that the main office of Lenco is situated somewhat more up north, in the Netherlands to be absolutely correct.

The early years

Lenco was initiated shortly after the roaring times of the Second World War by the Swiss couple Fritz and Marie Laeng who thought that Europe could use some innovation after a long period of devastation. You might already grasp that the current name of the company “Lenco” derives from the name of this couple. Fritz and Marie started a consumer electronics retail shop, that grew into a factory in which the products that were sold in the shop were actually produced. How self-sufficient and gründigcan things get, right? It was this first factory that was given the name “Lenco”, and let’s be honest, this name sounds far more international than Laeng. This Swiss couple had great ambitions to go global with their company, and they managed to do so, with their great line of solid, affordable electronic products that do what they promise to do, like a solid ticking Swiss clock.

The ‘60’s

In the ‘60’s Lenco produced its first line of quality record players, a product category where we are still famous for. For the longest of time record players have been Lenco’s best-selling products, and they still are. At the end of the ‘60’s Lenco got a lot of attention when the L75 record player rolled out of its factory. The L75 was a wooden monster of a quality device that weight roughly 4 kilograms, and it had an epic tone arm, which had the greatest high-quality sound. People once said that the turntable could carry and swing an adult man; unfortunately we have never found proof of this matter. Do not worry, these days our products are really portable, so do not expect that we still sell turntables that feel and look like a wooden block of 4 kilos.

Imagine that we would reissue the Lenco L75 record player or maybe a modern twist on this legendary turntable, would you buy it? Let us know in the comments below!

The ‘70’s

In the ‘70’s Lenco was on a roll, because this company had more than 1.300 employees who worked in 3 different factory locations. At the time, this was an enormous number of people for a company, and especially for an electronics company, because back then electronics were still not as common as they are now. Next to this, Lenco was booming because it was exporting its products from Switzerland to at least 80 different countries around the globe. Pretty impressive, even for today’s standards.

The ’90 up to the present

From the ‘90’s up to now Lenco is in the hands of a Dutch corporate organization. At this point the main office of Lenco is situated in the South-Limburgian village Nuth. When Lenco became Dutch-governed the focus changed to producing and selling hip and trendy electronic devices (online) that are very “now”, e.g. internet radios, DAB+ radios, DVD players, but also speakers, and the products that made Lenco epic in the first place, record players.

Modern company, modern products

Nowadays Lenco sells retro products as well as smart-choice products in physical stores and web shops, of one is our own web shop. After a time-span of 70 years Lenco has become a master in reinventing itself over and over again, and the company knows how to keep up their great price-quality balance while doing so. For many customers from way back when and now the products of Lenco have become part of their lives, from the record players of memory lane all the way up to the present day Lenco products with Bluetooth. In short, experience the greatest nostalgic and modern-day moments with Lenco!

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