10 Record Player Hacks Every Vinyl Lover Needs to Know

10 Record Player Hacks Every Vinyl Lover Needs to Know

Did you know your record player holds secrets to transforming your music experience?

Beyond just playing your cherished vinyl, there's much more your turntable can offer. This blog uncovers unique tips and tricks, some inspired by Lenco's innovative designs, to elevate your vinyl listening beyond the ordinary.

Whether you're a casual listener or a dedicated audiophile, these hacks will unlock new dimensions in your audio journey. Let's dive into the lesser-known potential of record players and revolutionise how you enjoy vinyl.

Hack 1: Optimal Placement

The location of your record player can dramatically affect both sound quality and the longevity of your equipment. Placing your turntable in a spot free from vibrations and external disturbances is crucial. Vibrations, even subtle ones, can interfere with the stylus's contact with the vinyl, leading to sound distortion or skipping. A stable, level surface, away from speakers and foot traffic, is ideal. For Lenco record players, which are designed for precision, a proper location can significantly enhance their performance. Also, ensure the turntable is away from direct sunlight and sources of heat to prevent damage to both the player and your vinyl collection.

Hack 2: DIY Vibration Reduction

Vibration can be the enemy of the perfect vinyl playback. A simple and cost-effective hack is to use DIY vibration damping solutions. Placing your Lenco turntable on a heavy, solid surface can help. Additionally, consider using isolation pads or rubber feet under the turntable to absorb vibrations. Another hack is to place a weighted object, like a small sandbag, on top of the turntable plinth (make sure it doesn’t touch any moving parts). These simple tweaks can result in a clearer, more stable sound by minimising unwanted vibrations.

Hack 3: Needle Care

Maintaining the stylus, or needle, of your record player is essential for optimal sound quality. Gently clean the needle regularly with a soft stylus brush or a special stylus cleaning solution to remove dust and debris. Avoid touching the needle with your fingers, as oils from your skin can accumulate and affect performance. For Lenco turntables, consider investing in a high-quality replacement stylus that matches the cartridge specifications, as a well-maintained stylus not only ensures superior sound quality but also prolongs the life of your vinyl records.

Hack 4: Upgrade Your Platter

Upgrading the platter can significantly improve your record player's performance. For Lenco enthusiasts, consider replacing the standard platter with a heavier, high-quality version. A heavier platter offers better stability and less vibration, enhancing sound clarity. If you're into DIY solutions, try placing a record mat made of cork, rubber, or leather on the platter. This not only reduces static but also dampens vibrations, leading to a purer sound. Such simple upgrades or additions can make a noticeable difference in your vinyl listening experience.

Hack 5: Record Cleaning Hacks

Keeping your vinyl records clean is crucial for sound quality. For effective cleaning, use a carbon fibre brush before and after playing a record to remove surface dust. For deeper cleaning, mix a few drops of isopropyl alcohol with distilled water, and gently wipe the record with a soft, lint-free cloth in a circular motion. Air-dry the records completely before playing. Another hack is to use a vinyl record cleaning kit, which often includes a solution and a microfiber cloth designed specifically for vinyl. Regular cleaning not only enhances playback quality but also extends the life of your records and stylus.

Hack 6: Optimising Speaker Position

The positioning of speakers is key to maximising the sound quality from your record player. For an optimal audio experience, place the speakers at ear level and angle them slightly towards your usual listening position. This setup creates a 'sweet spot', enhancing sound clarity and stereo imaging. Ensure the speakers are not too close to walls or corners to avoid bass frequency buildup. For Lenco turntables, this setup can significantly enhance the depth and dimensionality of the sound, ensuring you get the most out of your vinyl listening experience.

Hack 7: Enhancing Sound with Accessories

To further enhance your listening experience, consider adding accessories like preamps or stabilisers. A quality preamp can significantly improve the signal from your turntable, especially if it doesn't have a built-in one. For Lenco users, choosing a preamp that complements your model can bring out the best in your records. Additionally, using a record stabiliser or clamp can improve sound quality by flattening the record against the platter, reducing vibrations and slippage. These simple additions can make a noticeable difference in audio clarity and richness.

Hack 8: Improving Connectivity

The quality of the cables you use can significantly impact the sound output of your record player. High-quality RCA cables can provide a cleaner, more reliable connection between your turntable and amplifier or speakers, reducing signal loss and interference. For Lenco record players, consider upgrading to shielded cables with good connectors that ensure minimal signal degradation. When selecting cables, look for sturdy construction and materials that prevent tangling and physical damage. This small investment can result in a noticeable improvement in sound clarity and fidelity.

Hack 9: Isolation Techniques

Isolating your record player from external disturbances is crucial for uninterrupted, high-quality playback. One effective method is to use a dedicated turntable stand or wall shelf designed to minimise vibrations. For Lenco turntables, consider placing them on a solid surface with isolation feet or pads underneath. These absorb vibrations from the environment, such as foot traffic or nearby speakers. Additionally, you can use acoustic isolation platforms or DIY solutions like placing the turntable on a dense slab of marble or concrete. These methods help in maintaining the purity and integrity of the sound produced by your vinyl records.

Hack 10: The Art of Calibration

Fine-tuning your record player is key to achieving the best sound quality. For Lenco turntables, start by ensuring the tonearm is properly balanced. Adjust the counterweight until the arm floats freely, then set the tracking force as recommended for your cartridge. Next, check the anti-skate setting, which should generally match the tracking force. Cartridge alignment is also crucial; use an alignment protractor for precision. Finally, regularly test and adjust the speed of your turntable using a stroboscopic disc or app. Proper calibration can significantly enhance your listening experience, bringing out the best in your vinyl records.


In the world of vinyl, the little things can make a big difference. From optimal placement and vibration reduction to stylus care and speaker setup, each of these hacks can elevate your listening experience. Whether you're using a Lenco turntable or another model, incorporating these tips can unveil new dimensions in your favourite records. Don't hesitate to experiment with these suggestions and see how they transform your sound.

We'd love to hear from you! Share your own record player hacks or your experiences with these tips in the comments. Your insights could be the key to unlocking someone else's perfect vinyl experience. Let's keep the vinyl community thriving with shared knowledge and passion. Happy listening!

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