Lenco L-3809ME UK - Direct drive turntable with USB / PC Encoding - Metallic blue

  • Lenco L-3809ME UK - Direct drive turntable with USB / PC Encoding - Metallic blue

Lenco L-3809ME UK - Direct drive turntable with USB / PC Encoding - Metallic blue


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Paul Bunting
Lenco L3809BK

My Turntable arrived DOA bearing in mind this turntable was built during the Pandemic.
This item is quite heavy, so I did not want to mess with postage costs.
I decided to do a little investigation myself and find the problem before contemplating sending it back.
This turntable is supposed to be designed for DJs..... so my question is how do I connect earth lead between turntable and amplifier? Obviously for a DJ you neec to go in and retro fit one yourself because theres no connection outside of the deck..
The deck had numerous faults.
The main one was a big connector had come loose and needed refitting all other cables was secure and glued down.
The second fault was the wires connected to the strobe light which was not dressed correctly and the wires was shorting out on the on/off switch.
The third fault was a massive amount of solder splashes which could of come dislodged and fallen onto or near to the motor assembly.
I am not slating build quality despite the errors found in my turntable.
What can I say it works and does everything stated in the manual.
One thing that is not mentioned is that 78rpm is supported despite this information is missed from the user manual.
Now let me be clear you would still need to purchase a seperate headshell for 78rpm records..
To access 78rpm just do the usual press 45 & 33rpm buttons at the same time.
I have a strange feeling a famous UK hifi store purchased these decks from europe, probably competing on price.
There was no UK mains lead with moulded 3 pin plug.
There was however a euro 2 pin mains figure of 8 mains lead in the box.
No 45 rpm adapter in my box and no cd with audacity software.
To be honest the manual did say this could be downloaded online.
I have tried to manually contact Lenco and was quite willing to even purchade the missing items, but as yet still waiting for a reply.
So customer support is lacking a little here in the UK.
My advice on the pitch fader if its a little out, then take off the aluminium platter and refit.
Obviously at this price point the aluminium platter is a little off balance, but a refit will correct this bug.
Also be prepared to adjust the headshell or you may find it wont track a record correctly.
Obviously if your a dj you will set this up yourself.
Please don't expect a miracle straight out of the box.
Once set up correctly it does sound quite amazing for the price.
I think my next upgrade will be to upgrade the headshell and see of I can see a futher improvement.
If I had to score this out of 10
I would give it a 9 just solely on the errors in build and the missing parts,
Which I suppose could of been addressed with a addendum letter stating what is now and what is missing from the box.
I hope you find this review helpfull and informative
Kind Regards
Paul Bunting


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